About Us

Who We Are

Our team is composed of a unique roster of talented professionals from Latin America.

Together we work on different fronts under one name to help your reach your business goals.

Pitaya’s unique business model allows us to offer a vast number of services from brand development to back end programming under one roof at an unbeatable value. 

Think about it for a sec. For every marketing challenge you face, Pitaya will handpick and coordinate the efforts of a dream team composed of illustrators, programmers, designers, social media specialists, Google nerds, digital marketing passionates to allow your brand reach its potential. Hire one agency, employ a multidisciplinary team. 

We have a combined experience of more than 25 years in the design and marketing game.

Let’s make your brand STAND OUT!

Efficient. Beautiful. Creative.

About the Head Loco

Roberto Salvador Gallegos Ricci

I was born in Mexico City, grew up in Tijuana, B.C and studied my bachelors in Business and Marketing in Guadalajara, Jalisco. At 22 years of age I founded my first Agency by the name of Gámomo Creative Lab where I now act as a consultant. 

A couple of years later I fell in love with an amazing Güerita and we decided to do a small bicycle trip that resulted on a trip around the world by bicycle (you can buy our book and learn all about it here or read our blog). When the tour was finished we got married, found jobs and an apartment in Munich. We have been living here since. However instead of two we are now three. 

I have more than a decade in the marketing and design game, it’s my passion and most importantly my vocation.  I founded Pitaya Marketing & Design Agentur because I believe in the power of collaboration to deliver efficient marketing strategies, beautiful design to help your brand stand out. 

Reach out, I am always available for a chat.  



What is a Pitaya anyway?

It’s a majestic, exotic and colorful fruit that grows on a cactus species indigenous to the enigmatic American continents. One fundamental characteristic of the Pitayas is the way they stand out in the vast and monochromatic landscape of the desert. 

Let us make your brand be as identifiable, appealing & memorable as a Pitaya fruit.